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Personalized Dosimetry for RadioPharmaceutical Therapy

RadioPharmaCeutial Therapy


What is it?

Radiopharmaceutical therapy (RPT) is a new technique for treating cancer with drugs designed to flow to the site of a cancer.  Once there, RPT drugs also deliver a dose of radiation to the cancer via a radioactive isotope.  Because of the specificity of the drug, doctors can deliver a high radiation dose to the cancer while minimizing dose to normal organs and tissues.  

New RPT agents are being announced regularly.  They have the potential to treat a wide variety of cancers that are currently poorly controlled by external beam radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

See RPT in action

To see how RPT works, you might want to watch this video.  

The video calls this field "targeted radionuclide therapy" (TRT), but "radiopharmaceutical therapy" is becoming the preferred term. 

What are the challenges?

One key to successful treatment is knowing how much of the drug to inject into the patient.  Despite this, RPT treatments often use standard dosages for all patients, regardless of patient size, cancer stage, or drug uptake.  Even when the patient is considered, this dosimetry is often performed using crude population-based models.

We believe that to unlock the power of radiopharmaceutical therapy, advanced personalized dosimetry will be crucial.

Our solution

Voximetry was formed to create software products that will allow doctors to tailor RPT treatments to individual patients.  Voximetry's Torch provides a platform to model drug uptake and elimination, compute radiation dose, prescribe therapeutic activity, and assess the progress of treatment.