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Voximetry Accelerates AI Technology Development with Strategic Technology Transfer Agreement

Voximetry, Inc and Theravision, AB aim to speed the deployment of AI-based training models in Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT) dosimetry to reach patients faster.

MADISON, Wis.— Voximetry is a commercial stage medical software and services company with proprietary advanced dosimetry technology and an experienced team dedicated to supporting the clinical use and development of personalized Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT) treatments.

Theravision, AB is a company focused on improving global patient access to advanced RPT through technology transfer agreements. Theravision employees are jointly employed by the University of Gothenburg and actively work in the clinic. They are focused on training AI models for RPT.

According to Voximetry CEO, Dr. Sue Wallace, “Access to thousands of patient data sets is required for training high-performing AI models. Theravision has experience optimizing robust AI models and an outstanding team. Together we are committed to a joint product development process aimed at flowing AI-enhanced dosimetry solutions to the patients as quickly as possible.”

In the U.S. alone, over 350,000 patients per year are indicated for FDA- approved theranostic treatments including Prostate, Lymphoma, Thyroid, Liver, and Neuroendocrine tumors. Torch Dose Assessment provides the imaging biomarker needed to help physicians better understand how these exciting new radiopharmaceuticals are behaving in each patient.

“Thanks to this agreement we’ve already enhanced the image reconstruction and auto-segmentation capabilities of Torch Dose Assessment, and we have additional ideas for the pipeline to benefit patients worldwide,” said Peter Bernhardt, CEO of Theravision. “This is how we are streamlining the flow of clinical research to benefit patients worldwide.”

Voximetry was recently awarded a $4M grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) to advance development of its proprietary software for RPT dosimetry. The grant will support continued development of the first, fully automated RPT dosimetry software including lightning-fast dose calculations with Monte Carlo accuracy. AI-enhanced work steps will enable end-to-end processing with minimal user intervention.

Torch design and development was supported by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R43CA221491. The product is solely the responsibility of Voximetry and does not represent official views of the National Institutes of Health.

Torch design and development was supported by grants from the University of Wisconsin-System SBIR Advance Matching Grant Fund through its partnership with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

About Voximetry:   Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Voximetry is a is Healthtech software and services company specializing in commercialization of complex algorithms on high-speed Graphic Processing Units (GPUs). Currently focused on radiation transport science and voxel-level dosimetry, Voximetry is pioneering patient-specific radiopharmaceutical treatment planning (RPT) in advanced stage cancer patients.

About Theravision: Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, Theravision is a Healthtech company converting research into robust algorithms on high-speed Graphic Processing Units (GPUs). Special focus is on optimizing single-photon emission tomography (SPECT) with Monte Carlo and AI based reconstruction techniques and delivering AI models for an effective and accurate clinical dosimetry workflow.