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Advanced Dosimetry Services

to Meet Your Clinical Trial Needs

Comprehensive, advanced dosimetry services for clinical trials with unmatched scientific insight, expert guidance, and data accuracy to support the advancement of theranostic drug development.

Tackling Complex Dosimetry Challenges Everyday

Leveraging proprietary software technology, our cross-specialty expert team assures clinical trial data includes consistent image quantitation, the most accurate dosimetry calculations, and adheres to industry regulations and standards.

NEMA Partial Volume Correction Insert. Source: Phantech

Study and Data Guidance

With more than 10 years of RPT clinical trials and dosimetry experience, our team has the clinical and scientific judgement to provide responsible guidance throughout the clinical trial process. From study design to data quality assurance, from interpreting dosimetry results to providing guidance for FDA discussions, our on-demand model offers you the flexibility to call on us when you need us most.

Alpha-Optimized Technology

Torch® FDA-cleared software includes proprietary Monte Carlo dose calculation for Ac-225, Pb-212, Ra-223, At-211, Bi-213 and

To reduce scatter and noise in alpha images and assure more accurate dose assessments, Torch also includes proprietary Monte Carlo SPECT reconstruction algorithms to compensate for low image statistics.

Custom Lab Services

The Vox Lab is specifically designed to meet RPT clinical trial needs. Lab services include trial specific dosimetry imaging manual, scanner calibration analysis, raw data image reconstruction, and ROI contouring, dose assessments (including surrogate and BED calculations), and customized consulting. All multi-patient projects include a summary report. The lab is designed to be available for data review boards with clients and to provide education and important insights through on-demand consultation.

Professional Compliance Practices

Voximetry understands the importance of repeatability, reliability, data security, and delivering results that are audit proof. All our procedures and processes are managed under a company Quality Management System (QMS) and prioritize GDPR compliance. With experienced management oversight throughout the process to ensure data integrity, data security and compliance, the Vox Lab strives for client confidence in the results.

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Experience You Can Trust

Experienced team spanning all phases of drug development with deep expertise in:

  • Image acquisition & scanner calibration
  • Image reconstruction & quantitation
  • Image registration & segmentation
  • Radiopharmaceutical pharmacokinetics
  • Dose calculation 
  • Data security

Protect the integrity of your dosimetry data.


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