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Dosimetry-Guided RPT Assessment Software

GPU-Accelerated absorbed dose calculation and patient-drug interaction modeling individualized for the radionuclide, the drug, and the patient.  

A Better Approach to Personalized Dosimetry

Torch® simplifies personalized RPT assessment with an automated workflow powered by lightning-fast graphics processing units (GPUs) that can provide a highly accurate dose assessment in seconds.

Import Images Work Step

Import Images

Torch® accepts DICOM images, automatically pulling information from the header including patient information and radionuclide type.

Manage ROIs Work Step

Create ROIs

Because CT datasets from different time points are often misaligned, Torch performs automatic rigid image registration followed by deformable image registration to ensure best-fit alignment of voxels across time points. Torch features tools for confirming, adjusting and repositioning alignment between images.

Model Pharmacokinetics Work Step

Integrate Activity

The software provides kinetic modeling tools to estimate how the radiopharmaceutical distributes into and out of each region of interest (ROI) over time. Torch automatically finds the function which best fits the data points and provides the fitting parameters. Users can manually adjust the parameters of the selected function if needed.

Based on the best-fit function Torch integrates the activity within each voxel over time to calculate the time integrated activity.

Compute Dose Work Step

Calculate Dose

Torch is the only commercial dosimetry system that provides full Monte Carlo radiation transport calculations for all photons and electrons. The extreme computation load of this method is managed with GPU-acceleration to assure results within seconds. The accuracy of the Torch dose engine has been verified against well-known industry standards using anthropomorphic phantoms for each respective radionuclide.

Assessment Work Step

Evaluate Dose

Radiation transport distribution can be evaluated using dose volume histograms (DVHs), ROI dose statistics, and dose cloud visualization with optional isodose lines overlaid. Dose volumes can be exported as DICOM RT Dose to be visualized in other software packages or summed with other DICOM RT Doses.

In addition, comprehensive dosimetry reports including patient identifiers, radiopharmaceutical, imaging time points, and ROI dose statistics can be generated. These reports also include DVHs, dose clouds, and time activity curves with fitting parameters for each ROI.

Torch® design and development was supported by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R43CA221491. The product is solely the responsibility of Voximetry and does not represent official views of the National Institutes of Health.”
Torch® design and development was supported by grants from the University of Wisconsin-System SBIR Advance Matching Grant Fund through its partnership with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

Move From One-Size-Fits All to Tailored Treatments​

Dosimetry-guided RPT (DG-RPT) provides clinicians, clinical trials, and pre-clinical research with the information needed to move from population-based dosing to personalized assessments.

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