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From Generalized to Personalized Medicine

Voximetry, founded in Madison, WI in 2016, is an early stage healthcare technology company that specializes in commercializing improvements related to nuclear medicine dosimetry. Voximetry’s patient-specific approach can accurately predict efficacy and adverse effects of radiopharmaceutical therapy, thereby improving patient outcomes.  Voximetry leverages intellectual property developed at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, which has a rich history of fostering successful biotechnology companies. 


Voximetry to provide dosimetry for RPT clinical trials

9/21/2019 - Voximetry will be partnering with Viewpoint Molecular Imaging to provide dosimetry on clinical trials of new RPT drugs.  Phase I trials of the VMT01 companion diagnostic agent are expected to commence at Mayo Clinic early in 2020.

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