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Professional Dosimetry Services

Good for the Clinic. Better for the Patient.

Enabling more clinicians to incorporate radiopharmaceutical therapy (RPT) dosimetry into clinical patient management.

Rethink Your Options

Manage interpatient variability safely, and capture absorbed dose estimates to critical organs for the patient record, with patient-specific dosimetry accessed in a cost and time-effective way.

Quick and Easy

Simply acquire one or more quantitative SPECT/CT images post-RPT administration and upload them to a secure cloud repository. The entire process is specifically designed to protect PHI from bad actors.

Once uploaded, Voximetry’s expert team takes over, leveraging Torch® Dose Assessment software to provide extremely accurate tumor and critical organ absorbed dose estimates.

Unmatched Accuracy

Torch® Dose Assessment software is the accuracy leader with the only GPU-accelerated, full Monte Carlo dose calculation available commercially. Torch® dosimetry includes image registration, segmentation, time integrated activity and absorbed dose calculation per ROI, and a comprehensive, digitally-signed report.

​​Existing Reimbursement

With multiple established reimbursement fee codes, sites billing for dosimetry are getting paid routinely. Torch®  comprehensive reports are specifically designed to meet the billing requirements of CMS codes. 

Better for the Patient

Access advanced technology and specialized expertise combined with consistent quality and accurate dose assessments.

Torch® professional comprehensive reports provide important absorbed dose estimates per region of interest for the patient record and inform clinical decisions throughout the patient treatment regimen.

Leaders in Advanced Dosimetry

A proven team you can trust for RPT dosimetry clinical services:

  • Accuracy leaders
  • RPT dosimetry experts
  • Proven solution providers
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Reliable partners

Rethink Your Dosimetry Options

Remote Dosimetry Services for the Clinic are Available Now.


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