Strategic Investment in Medical Data Sharing & Standards

Clinical adoption of Personalized Treatment Planning for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT) depends upon seamless department workflows. Clinical images must be imported to the planning system, and the results of a plan assessment or an approved treatment plan must be exported to hospital data centers. This work is accomplished via complex data standards that continue to evolve.

Mr. Koua Yang recently joined the Voximetry team as the latest strategic hire. “Koua is uniquely qualified to provide the leadership the Company needs to assure Torch™ Treatment Planning* includes department workflows, and to keep us current with the constantly evolving standards,” said Dr. Sue Wallace, CEO of Voximetry.

Koua has nearly 20 years of experience developing commercial software at leadership healthcare companies, including Philips and GE Healthcare. He is a highly skilled software engineer with expertise in image and medical data processing, including a focus on radiotherapy DICOM standards. His successful career operating in mature Quality Management Systems and FDA compliant processes is another plus for the Company.

Voximetry’s Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder, Paul Wickre, stated, “I knew from day one that Koua would be an invaluable asset to Voximetry. He hasn’t let me down. It’s amazing what he’s been contributing since the day he walked through the door. I couldn’t be more pleased to see him in our office every day.”

*510(k) pending. Torch™ is under FDA review and is NOT Available for Sale or Clinical Use