Voximetry Awarded $4 Million Grant from National Cancer Institute to Automate Advanced Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Dosimetry Software

MADISON, Wis.—Voximetry is a commercial stage medical software and services company with advanced technology to enable personalized Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT) treatments for prostate and other cancer patients.   The company has been awarded a substantial grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) to advance development of its proprietary software for RPT dosimetry.

According to Voximetry CEO, Dr. Sue Wallace, “The NIH has been a strong partner for us from the beginning, providing critical developmental funding and access to supplemental investor funding.   This latest grant will support our aim to provide the first, fully-automated RPT dosimetry software that provides lightning-fast dose calculations with Monte Carlo accuracy. Plus, we will enhance all key work steps with AI capabilities, leading to end-to-end processing with minimal user intervention.”

The field of RPT is rapidly expanding in the U.S. with procedure volumes increasing in multiple specialty areas including Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology, and Interventional Radiology departments.  A March 2020 review by top experts published in the Lancet indicated the field of RPT will exceed $5B by 2025.   In addition to currently approved treatments which primarily treat Prostate, Lymphoma, Thyroid, Liver, and Neuroendocrine tumors, over 200 clinical trials are underway to demonstrate successful treatment with new RPT agents.

“Our aim is to provide clinicians confidence when treating RPT patients, and support better and more consistent outcomes,” said Dr. Joe Grudzinski, Chief Innovation Officer at Voximetry.   “Precise and accurate dose assessments are required to earn clinician trust and establish dosimetry as an imaging biomarker for RPT treatment management.   We’re very pleased that this NCI grant will allow us to realize that vision.”

About Voximetry: Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Voximetry is a is Healthtech software and services company specializing in commercialization of complex algorithms on high-speed Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).    Currently focused on radiation transport science and voxel-level dosimetry, Voximetry is pioneering patient-specific radiopharmaceutical treatment planning (RPT) in advanced stage cancer patients.

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