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Voximetry Partners with Flywheel to Assure Confidence in Data Management, Security and Privacy for Clinical Dosimetry Services

Collaboration leads to an automated, de-identified data transfer platform
for nuclear medicine radiopharmaceutical therapy clinics

Madison, WI – Voximetry, a pioneer in advanced Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT) dosimetry software and professional dosimetry services, and Flywheel, a leading cloud-based medical imaging data management platform, will provide a solution to ensure the secure transfer of clinical imaging data, while eliminating the need to de-identify Protected Health Information (PHI) and maintain zero exposure of PHI to staff completing the remote dosimetry services.

“Once we have de-identified data in our hands, we can provide a very professional, timely and accurate dose assessment for RPT clinics, but the question was how to keep the PHI secure and make the data transfer effortless,” said Dr. Sue Wallace, CEO of Voximetry. “Flywheel is the answer. They provide tools to securely manage medical images at scale across oncology and other therapeutic area workflows. That’s exactly what we need.”

Powered by Flywheel, the process for clinics to receive remote dosimetry services is as simple as “Upload.  Download.  Done.” As selected images to support an absorbed dose assessment are uploaded, they are fully encrypted in route and automatically de-identified by a Flywheel gear in the cloud. The de-identified data is then transferred to Voximetry to complete dosimetry using Torch® software, the most accurate method available. Once complete, a comprehensive Torch report, signed by a certified Medical Physicist, is automatically re-identified by a Flywheel gear and returned to the clinic.

“Together, we are transforming the delivery of patient-specific radiopharmaceutical therapies by combining Voximetry’s personalized dosimetry services with Flywheel’s advanced imaging data management platform.  This integrated cloud-based solution streamlines data transfer while safeguarding patient privacy and enables efficient comprehensive dosimetry assessments – ultimately empowering providers to deliver personalized treatments and improve patient outcomes.”, said Dr. Shelby Wyatt, Vice President of Global Pharma Strategy & Field Application Science at Flywheel.

Under this new agreement, the two companies are fully under development with plans to launch Professional Dosimetry Services for the Clinic, enabled by Flywheel, at this year’s SNMMI Annual Meeting in Toronto, June 8-11, 2024.



Voximetry is committed to delivering uncompromised, personalized RPT through wide-ranging collaboration, deep scientific expertise, and technology-forward progress. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Voximetry is a Healthtech software and services company specializing in commercialization of complex algorithms on high-speed Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).


Flywheel is the pioneering medical imaging AI platform powering healthcare innovation through streamlined data management, curation and analysis. Flywheel helps organizations turn complex imaging data into analysis-ready datasets for accelerated research and AI development. Flywheel offers comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, providers, payers, system integrators, AI developers and academic medical centers to realize optimum value out of their data assets. Flywheel is an Invenshure-founded company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For more information on our mission and products, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.