Pluvicto Demonstrates Clinical Benefit in Prostate Cancer Before Chemo

Pluvicto becomes the first PSMA-targeted radioligand therapy to demonstrate clinical benefit in mCRPC patients BEFORE receiving taxane-based chemotherapy, addressing a significant unmet need

Today, Novartis announced the pivotal Phase III PSMAfore study with PluvictoTM , a prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-targeted radioligand therapy, met its primary endpoint.  This study is the first PSMA-targeted radioligand therapy to demonstrate significant and clinically meaningful benefits for people living with this type of prostate cancer who have not received taxane-based chemotherapy. The improvement was described as statistically significant and clinically meaningful by Novartis in a press release on Monday, December 5th.

The PSMAfore results continue to support the important role of Pluvicto1 in treating patients with prostate cancer. Novartis will discuss the PSMAfore data with the FDA next year for a potential approval.

“This is very encouraging news. This data suggests that RPT therapies may improve outcomes versus today’s chemotherapy Standard of Care,” said Dr. Sue Wallace, Voximetry CEO. “We are hopeful that earlier intervention with RPT therapies combined with doses tailored to the individual drug interaction using extremely accurate dosimetry guidance tools will demonstrate even further improvement of outcomes for these patients with advanced disease.”

Extremely accurate dosimetry guidance enabled by Torch® Dose Assessment from Voximetry may additionally increase tumor response, improve quality of life and enable longer overall survival by helping tailor the administered dose of Pluvicto over multiple cycles of therapy.

Torch simplifies personalized RPT treatment planning with an automated workflow powered by lightning-fast graphics processing units (GPUs) that provide the most accurate dose assessment commercially available in just seconds.

On November 28, 2022, Torch Dose Assessment received 510(k) market clearance and is now available for clinical use in the US.

About Voximetry:   Voximetry is a Healthtech software company commercializing complex algorithms on high-speed Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Currently focused on radiation transport science, Voximetry is advancing patient-specific treatment planning in late-stage cancer patients.