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Voximetry Selected As Preferred Provider of Advanced RPT Dose Assessment Services for Atherion Bioresearch CRO

Accurate dosimetry estimates allow for efficient escalation schemes in Phase I clinical trials  
and may improve outcomes with dosimetry-guided patient-specific dosing strategies.

MADISON, Wis.— Voximetry has been selected by Atherion Bioresearch, a full-service Clinical Research Organization (CRO) company, as the preferred provider of dosimetry services.   

Voximetry is a commercial stage medical software and services company with proprietary advanced dosimetry technology and an experienced team dedicated to supporting the clinical use and development of personalized Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT) treatments.   Patient-specific dosimetry can help improve trial design, save time, and reduce the cost of achieving clinical endpoints.

“We selected Voximetry because they have the most accurate dose assessment technology available but have been surprised and delighted by the depth of expertise on their teamThey provide timely, comprehensive, and thoughtful consulting supportThey make it a priority to assure the data are collected, analyzed, and presented in a way we can trust to guide development decisions,” stated Dr. Mike Rosol, Atherion CEO.

There are currently over 200 active RPT clinical trials, but personalized dosimetry requires a high level of medical physics expertise that is not readily available.   In this competitive environment, services like that offered by Voximetry can make a difference in the success of a drug development program.

According to Voximetry CEO, Dr. Sue Wallace, “We are pleased to be selected by Atherion as a trusted partner. We’re confident in our ability to help with pre-study design and accurate dose assessments, but none of that matters without the innovation of the drug development community. It takes a village to fight cancer and we’re proud to play our part in that fight.”

Atherion offers a wide array of drug development services and is differentiated by its high level of engagement, industry experience, and expanding support, like dosimetryAtherion’s experienced team knows there are challenges to outsourcing to CROs and strives to fill the role of trusted partner in the therapeutic pipeline.

Mike Rosol said, “Being able to include Voximetry expertise in the list of comprehensive services we already offer differentiates us to our sponsors. Together, we offer a more innovative, effective, and efficient practice to drug development.” 

About Voximetry:   Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Voximetry is a Healthtech software and services company specializing in commercialization of complex algorithms on high-speed Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).    Currently focused on radiation transport science and voxel-level dosimetry, Voximetry is pioneering patient-specific radiopharmaceutical treatment planning (RPT) in advanced stage cancer patients.     

About Atherion:  Atherion was established by a team of drug development professionals dedicated to helping clients efficiently advance their pipelines while avoiding the cost and timeline impact typically associated with the use of contract research organizations.  Atherion offers full-service or bespoke clinical research services tailored from our decades of industry experience that enable clients to develop their technology towards successful commercialization. For more information, please visit