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Voximetry Celebrates Opening of New “Vox Lab”

Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub company expands capabilities for advanced dosimetry services in radiopharmaceutical therapy clinical trials.

Madison, WI – Voximetry, a pioneer in advanced technology solutions, announces the inauguration of its Vox Lab, dedicated to providing accurate dosimetry assessments for radiopharmaceutical clinical trials.

Accurately measuring radiation exposure is required for developing and testing radiopharmaceuticals in clinical trials. Voximetry’s new Vox Lab will further improve its existing dosimetry services by providing radiopharmaceutical developers with more sophisticated solutions to complex problems without compromising compliance.

“There’s no room for errors or delays if you’re providing professional dosimetry services for radiopharmaceutical clinical trials. You’ve got to get it right, every time – and quick,” said Dr. Sue Wallace, CEO of Voximetry. “The Lab environment will allow us
to co-locate a multi-specialty team with wide-ranging skills that when working collaboratively can better solve the complex problems that are unique to each RPT trial.”

Unlike traditional labs, Vox Lab relies on a team with deep scientific knowledge across multiple disciplines. This expertise in areas like scanner calibration, alpha image reconstruction, and full Monte Carlo dose calculation enables the Lab to provide the
accuracy and reliability needed for successful clinical trials.

“I’m pretty excited to unveil our new Vox Lab,” said Dr. Joe Grudzinski, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder. “With our team working side-by-side, and using Voximetry’s proprietary Torch® dosimetry software, we aim to set new standards of excellence in this critical field, accelerating time to better outcomes of clinical trials. And what’s good for clinical trials, is better for patients.”

Vox Lab combines human expertise with cutting-edge software to tackle complex drug development challenges in radiopharmaceutical clinical trials. It delivers data and documentation to pharmaceutical companies and research organizations in a timely manner, accelerating the path to FDA approval.

About Voximetry

Voximetry is committed to delivering uncompromised, personalized RPT through wide-ranging collaboration, deep scientific expertise, and technology-forward progress. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Voximetry is a Healthtech software and services company.

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The WI Biohealth Tech Hub is dedicated to transforming patient care through personalized medicine, while driving advances in innovation, local technology leadership, economic development, and national security. The Hub features world-leading expertise in medical physics, a diverse workforce, and a robust supply chain to meet the demands of personalized medicine, including radiopharmaceutical therapy.

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